Get to know the joy of learning!!

Build a self-study habit!!

Accomplish without giving up until the end!!

Have curiosity about a variety of things!!

Have self-confidence!!

The essence of Elementary school child program

The best time for developing left brain

This is the time that children bloom their abilities like flowers. Their motivations for learning help their power of the right brain enhance. Their left brain also develops rapidly at this age, and they will obtain the use of output activities in order to establish knowledge. Children’s abilities will be maximized by well-balanced whole brain activities.

Fun output activities build your child’s motivations for learning!!

The initiative flow from the right brain to the left brain is important. The key for right brain development is FUN studying!! Shichida Method provides fun and educational activities to develop children’s intelligence, letting them obtain the joy of learning naturally. The sense of accomplishment after solving a problem leads to the elevation of learning motivation and self-study.

Features of Elementary school child program

Memorisation technique

We guide students to learn a variety of memory techniques!!


We offer meditation and relaxed activities and they help your child to enhance concentrations.

Input knowledge

Children can increase their ability to receive information through visual and audible inputs in lessons.


Children can learn excellent expression skills through writing and reading stories with parents and instructors


Children will challenge language and mathematical problems and a variety of quizzes to think logically.

Information processing ability

Shichida lessons help your child to develop the ability of coping with problems efficiently.

Success experiences

Experiencing the feeling of accomplishment is necessary for maximizing children’s potentials. We think that praises and encouragement are extremely important for students to succeed.

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Develop high-level language skill

Language skill is necessary from childhood to adulthood. It is an essential skill to learn all subjects. We not only teach alphabets and phonetics but also provide grammatical, reading comprehension and composition problems. With Shichida Method, children can build a comprehensive verbal aptitude.


Master a wide range of mathematical problems

Calculation is not the only essential mathematical skill. It is a necessary skill, but children will need the ability to use different mathematical skills to solve many problems in life. Shichida lessons provide a variety of mathematical drills designed to help children become more versatile in real-life mathematical applications.


Puzzles, block building– educational activities which develop intelligence

Through fun educational activities, children will learn graphic cognition, three-dimensional space, problem-solving skill, observation and inspiration. They also learn self-management skills such as solving problems without giving up and emotion control.


Develop concentration and intelligence!!

Develop concentration and intelligence!!

Doing activities using the right brain will open the learning circuits and let the brain obtain plenty of knowledge through listening and playing. Having a wide range of knowledge let your child study at school more efficiently and easily.

Genius abilities in children who use the whole brain

Original Creativity

The ability to create new things from inspiration


The ability to remember and recall images and experiences instantly with only one look or brief event

Rapid mathematical ability

The ability to perform complex calculations instantaneously like a computer

Language ability

The ability to master other languages at native-like level

Children’s potential development has been remarkably advancing.

When children reach elementary school age, consciously the left brain’s working becomes dominantly used. From here on, a child’s left brain’s power develops rapidly. At Shichida Academy, using fun and educational materials, we provide well-planned activities to draw out children hunger for learning and motivation to train their ability to think naturally. However, the key to maximise children’s potentials is to have a well-balanced brain using whole brain activities to trigger the use of both the right brain and the left brain. The left brain is said to work 100 times better when connected with the right brain used for input, with Shichida Method, children’s ability for learning becomes greatly advanced and they can become better learners at schools.


I have a diploma of primary education and an Elementary teaching licence. At Shichida Child Academy in Japan, I am qualified in teaching Prenatal program, Baby program, Infant program, Special support program for learning disability or autism, English program. In addition, I am certificated for childminder, colour therapist, art therapist, baby sign instructor and Japanese-language teacher.

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10:00AM-5:00PM OPEN: Monday-Saturday CLOSE: Sunday & Statutory holidays

Age 0-6 is the best time to develop your child’s brain.

Every child is born with hidden unlimited potentials. Do you know that the earlier a child starts learning, the better the brain absorbs inputs? The brain develops rapidly till age 6, and then the development speed will slow down. “The golden time of brain development” is a very short period; it is only once in a life time and is less than 10% of a child’s whole life.

“The Law of Diminishing Ability”

The later parents let your child absorb knowledge and learn skills, the harder it is for your child to obtain strong learning ability and perception skills. In other words, when your child starts to get adequate and quality inputs in early childhood, it is more likely for him/her to strengthen their hidden abilities.

The right-brain and the left-brain power

The brain is divided into the right brain and the left brain. The right side of the brain is the home to emotions, intuition, creativity, art and music whereas the left side of the brain logic, language, reasoning, analysis and mathematics. The key to develop intelligence for a child is to foster growth and balance in both left and right brains. Shichida Method utilizes the right-brain training method, complimented with left-brain training to develop your child’s abilities for expression, cognition and intellect.

The right-brain and the left-brain power

Development of the brain throughout a lifetime reaches its full capacity of 100% in adulthood: The brain develops to 50% potential until Age 1, 80% till age 3 and by age 6 it will have reached 90% of its capacity. How intelligent your child will become depends on how much the parents let him/her absorb knowledge and learning skills until the age of 6. The earlier parents begin your child’s education, the greater your child’s abilities can develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your child’s age, but we believe you will see the great results within 2-6 months. Shichida Method is the education of enhancing the quality of brain. Even if you don’t see noticeable developments in his/her childhood, your child may reveal wonderful abilities later such as artistic abilities or memorization skills.

At Shichida we think that concentration = relaxation for children. First of all, it is very important to feel relaxed and have fun in lessons for both mother and child. In addition, while studying in the company of other children, your child will learn concentration from the influence of their classmates. While in the warm embrace of their mother and feeling relaxed, your child will be able to focus on lessons quickly.

You may see the differences between them. However, parents should not compare their child’s abilities to others. Each child has their original characters together with strong and weak points. Parents need to accept your child, encourage and enjoy his/her development. Then, your child will reveal their potentials eventually.

Of course it won’t be problem. However, as we start with the predominant working of the left brain, we suggest that parents understand the features of the right brain first. Because it would lead to great result in expanding your child potentials. Shichida programs are designed to develop the right brain at any age when your child starts Shichida. In fact, there are plenty of children who have started with Shichida at elementary school age and greatly expanded their potentials. In addition, while strongly being influenced by their surroundings, elementary school age is the time when children physically and mentally grow and develop. However usual school curriculums tend to help develop only the left brain. This is why we think that right brain education is important for children at this age to develop a well-balanced brain.

It is true that earlier age is better to start the right brain cultivation. This is because the right brain is more dominant than the left brain at early age. However, it doesn’t mean children cannot develop the right brain when they have grown. Everyone has the ability to develop the right brain power even later, and this has a close connection with cultivation of heart.

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