Stimulate your child’s curiosity!!

Develop your child’s personalities!!

Enhance your child’s concentration!!

Develop your child’s learning skills!!

Discover your child’s talents!!

Enhance your child’s memory!!

The essence of baby program

The best time for developing your child's right brain

Affection is the basis for developing child’s mind and abilities. When your baby feels being loved, his/her right brain is open-wide to input and absorbs plenty of knowledge from eyes and ears easily. Let’s give your child knowledge in large quantity at high speed. At this age, there is no need to seek the baby’s comprehension of the contents

As the boy, so the man

As this proverb says, the environments around the child until age 3 will form his or her human’s basic personality and characters. This connects the child’s subconscious mind through right brain and becomes the controlling factor of 80% of the mind over a lifetime. Most importantly, experiences and inputs in babyhood will have tremendous influence throughout a child’s lifetime.

Features of Baby program

Flash cards

Babies can absorb knowledge through their eyes and ears rapidly like a sponge. When baby is given and process mass information at high speed, his/her instant memory and vocabulary will develop.

Activation of the right brain

Baby can develop the power of the right brain through imaginary rehearsal and memory game. Activities which stimulate five senses help creativity and imagination develop.

Finger exercise

Fingertips are called the second brain. Baby can give stimulation to his/her brain through finger exercise activity. We provide a variety of activities to use fingertips in order to learn fine motion.

Activities for the left brain

The first development of the baby’s left brain is the understanding the concept of “same”. During lessons, baby learns names of different things and how to distinguish them. For example: Distinguishing between vegetables and fruits.

Songs/Music/Picture books

Baby will listen to plenty of nursery songs and educational songs. We cultivate the baby’s heart with picture books and picture-card show.

Basic knowledge

Baby can learn 10 basic concepts such as size comparison, shapes, colours


We provide a variety of fun games such as puzzle, blocks and matching game. These games stimulate the baby’s curiosity. Gaining experience through fun learning builds the foundation for learning motivation and learning aptitude.

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Shichida Method, using 1800 words input to bring out children’s speech

The key to develop children’s vocabulary is to let them absorb rich vocabulary. Words given visually and audibly will open vocabulary circuits in their brain. When children develop a richer vocabulary, their ability for comprehension and self-expression will start developing. As a result, communication between parents and children will be more natural.


Bring out children’s inborn mathematical ability!

When children have plenty of opportunity to learn numbers, their number sense will be sharpened, they will come to like mathematics. As they don’t need to understand mathematical concepts at first, just like learning words, by inputting numbers to the right brain, later on children will be able to have a better understanding of mathematics and arithmetic.


Children can learn 10 basic knowledge!

To develop creativity and cognitive ability, we provide fun educational games to encourage intellectual and physical development. Using these same methods, children also learn basic social manners such as saying thanks to others and cleaning up.


Babies are language geniuses!!!

In their babyhood, with all the language in their surroundings, children can master any languages easily. During Shichida lessons, we use English songs and stories, together with fun playing activities. Listening to English’s unique sound and rhythm will make children enjoy learning. If your child is surrounded by multi-language speakers, they will be able to absorb these languages even at a young age. Even though they may not learn it in the future, they will remember and be able to recognize tones and sounds naturally. Even in adulthood they will be able learn better than an adult who had not been exposed to such language at early age.


We will help solve parenting problems!!

The most important aspect of raising child is cultivating the child’s heart. Most of the time, parents tend to focus on the physical and intellectual developments of their child’s. How about we focus on enriching the child’s heart first? When parents tell their love and show affection to their children every day, children will open up their hearts and grow up freely.

Genius abilities in children who use the whole brain

Original Creativity

The ability to create new things from inspiration


The ability to remember and recall images and experiences instantly with only one look or brief event

Rapid mathematical ability

The ability to perform complex calculations instantaneously like a computer

Language ability

The ability to master other languages at native-like level

In every child’s mind lies the curiosity to know and learn. When we fill their curiosity with fun learning, you'll be surprised at how great children’s abilities can develop.

Early education for baby is like “Seeding”. It takes time and effort to grow fruits and flowers. Babyhood is a great time for parents to plant seeds (giving an early education) into their baby, and give nutrients (e.g: love and trust). As the child grows up, from the seeds planted by the parents, the child will find what they love, and blooms beautifully like a well-nourished flower or fruit. Although some children bloom like one big flower, the other children may bloom like plenty of tiny flowers. Equally beautiful and exceptional, all are grown by seeding. The better nurtured seeds, the more excellent fruits. Some children bloom early at age 5, the other children may do it at age 20. If children are given seeds that carry potentials, they will bloom a unique flower someday. Without seeding, they cannot bloom a flower even though they are given water or nutrients later. Each seed we plant contains a variety of experiences for the child. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction through lessons will be planted in children’s field as fun experiences.


At Shichida Academy, we think that the cultivation of children’s heart is as important as the development of children’s genius-like potentials using the right brain. In our baby programs, we place strong emphasis on the importance of unity and trust between parents and children relationship. As children grow up while receiving “Acceptance, Praise and Love” from parents, they will reveal their hidden and unlimited talents. Let’s have a fun time with your child at Shichida Academy and share the joy of watching your child’s growth with us!!


Babies love to learn. They can absorb any knowledges even non-native languages. During this age, Parents should give ample and high-quality inputs to babies. Having the experiences of being praised during lessons will lead to the building motivations for learning in the future.


I have a diploma of primary education and an Elementary teaching licence. At Shichida Child Academy in Japan, I am qualified in teaching Prenatal program, Baby program, Infant program, Special support program for learning disability or autism, English program. In addition, I am certificated for childminder, colour therapist, art therapist, baby sign instructor and Japanese-language teacher.

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6 months-24months

Children at this age are geniuses full of motivation and possess superior memory! This class provides basic knowledge which enhances your child’s potentials for his/her future.


3 yrs-6 yrs

At this age, a child’s brain is a treasure box with unlimited potentials!
This class teaches your child to develop thinking and expressing abilities.

Primary School

6 yrs plus

Children can maximize their abilities of the right brain and the left brain!
This class teaches children how to learn effectively and efficiently.

We bring out your child’s hidden potentials and develop them to the fullest!

“Accept, Praise, Love and Nurture”

The key to make your child’s dream come true is “the power of the right brain”!

Every child is born with unlimited potentials. In early childhood, children mainly use their right side of brain, which has genius-potential abilities. When the right side of brain is stimulated adequately, every child can maximize their individual potentials. Shichida Method is an early learning program which utilizes age-specific brain trainings aimed at maximizing every child’s individual potentials.

Small class size with personal attention!

Each class is up to 4 children to support every child’s individual development, personality and character. (Elementary school child program is up to 6) Children will satisfy their intellectual curiosity through fun and enjoyable lessons. They also learn a variety of important ideas and concepts such as how to follow roles and respect each other.

Age 0-6 is the best time to develop your child’s brain.

Every child is born with hidden unlimited potentials. Do you know that the earlier a child starts learning, the better the brain absorbs inputs? The brain develops rapidly till age 6, and then the development speed will slow down. “The golden time of brain development” is a very short period; it is only once in a life time and is less than 10% of a child’s whole life.

“The Law of Diminishing Ability”

The later parents let your child absorb knowledge and learn skills, the harder it is for your child to obtain strong learning ability and perception skills. In other words, when your child starts to get adequate and quality inputs in early childhood, it is more likely for him/her to strengthen their hidden abilities.

The right-brain and the left-brain power

The brain is divided into the right brain and the left brain. The right side of the brain is the home to emotions, intuition, creativity, art and music whereas the left side of the brain logic, language, reasoning, analysis and mathematics. The key to develop intelligence for a child is to foster growth and balance in both left and right brains. Shichida Method utilizes the right-brain training method, complimented with left-brain training to develop your child’s abilities for expression, cognition and intellect.

The right-brain and the left-brain power

Development of the brain throughout a lifetime reaches its full capacity of 100% in adulthood: The brain develops to 50% potential until Age 1, 80% till age 3 and by age 6 it will have reached 90% of its capacity. How intelligent your child will become depends on how much the parents let him/her absorb knowledge and learning skills until the age of 6. The earlier parents begin your child’s education, the greater your child’s abilities can develop.

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