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Message from our principal

I am very grateful and blessed to have learned Shichida Method.

I have taught Shichida Method more than 20 years in Japan. My students are from wide range of ages, from unborn babies to elementary school children. Each student has surprised me with his/her wonderful potentials.

After learning early age education at my university, I had spent my early career as a system engineer. However, with a long-time a passion for teaching young children I was curious to visit a Shichida Child Academy where I live, which was not so well-known at that time. This was my first time to experience Shichida method.

I used to think that “early age education is to force children to learn even though they are not willing to”. Fun activities, productive curriculums… Shichida Method changed my wrong recognition dramatically. I still remember children’s unbelievable abilities and their faces with full of excitement. I was very moved to feel that this is the education which I had really wanted to see. Even after 20 years from then, children still surprise me every day by how much potentials they have. Every time I see my students’ wonderful developments, I am overjoyed to have experienced Shichida Method education.

In 2001, I came to Canada for the first time with my 4-year-old son to study English. My son is the proof of the tremendous results obtained through Shichida method education and as a result, he proved he could master English as native level and kept up with Canadian kids at school. It might be fate that I opened Shichida schools in Vancouver in 2011 to share our story and to help other parents succeed with their children’s talent and ability development.

Our school curriculums are designed for learning through fun activities. We accept each student’s personality, encourage and bring out their motivations to learn. Please come visit us for a trial lesson! You may change the way you view your child in early age education and discover their hidden abilities.

I have a diploma of primary education and an Elementary teaching licence. I am qualified in teaching Prenatal program, Baby program, Childhood program, Special support program for learning disability or autism, English program. To support my role as the principal and head instructor at Shichica Academy, with passions for teaching young children I have studied and obtained certifications for childminding, colour therapy, art therapy, baby sign language and Japanese-language teaching.

All our instructors are fully trained and certified by Shichida Early Education Method standards.

All instructors in Shichida Kids Academy of Canada are authorized by Shichida Educational Institute, Inc. Our Instructors have passed rigorous and quality teaching training for 6 months. We all are experts in early childhood education and always work on improving our teaching skills and designing fun lessons. In addition, we constantly share our information about our students with each other and our principal, seeking valuable feedback to provide high-quality lessons for each student.

Shichida Method world-wide influence
Shichida Method has expanded to over 16 countries in the world. With over 50,000 students, we contribute to each society by developing little geniuses in our classrooms.

SHICHIDA KIDS ACADEMY of CANADA was founded in 2011 in the Greater Vancouver Area. Following Shichida Educational Institute Inc., with the moto: “Even though language and cultures may differ, the basic of childhood education does not”, Shichida Early Childhood Education method has spread through out the world with Asia as the center. All our authorized academies and programs follow strict standards of quality and licensing of Shichida Japan. All over the world, Shichida Academies provide Schichida Early Childhood Education method with pride and high-level education. Shichida officially licensed academies are in over 16 countries; in North America, our fully licensed and certified Shichida Early Childhood Academies are located New York and Vancouver, B.C.

Metrotown Centre

Open: Monday-Saturday

#463-4800 Kingsway, Burnaby BC V5H4J2 The Galleria At Metrotown



Children at this age are geniuses full of motivation and possess superior memory! This class provides basic knowledge which enhances your child’s potentials for his/her future.
At this age, a child’s brain is a treasure box with unlimited potentials!
This class teaches your child to develop thinking and expressing abilities.
Children can maximize their abilities of the right brain and the left brain!
This class teaches children how to learn effectively and efficiently.

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    SHICHIDA KIDS ACADEMY of CANADA is the first and only institution in Canada authorized by Shichida Educational Institute, Inc.

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    Please note that there are low-quality counterfeit schools that imitate Shichida method all over the world.
    You may check the list of authorized schools at SHICHIDA official website. We do not take responsibility for and are not liable for actions, promotions, teachings materials etc… done by any unathorized institutions in Canada which claim to be using Shichida Method illegally and unlawfully.