SHICHIDA METHOD: 100 wisdoms how to develop your child‘s intellectual ability/七田式・本当の知力をつける100の知恵

[66. 3-step-method to teach numbers, 2nd step: Number matching games]

After the first step, parents will teach their child how to match written numbers to the actual numbers.

For example, when parents read the story of the Three Little Pigs, they let their child count how many little pigs there are “1, 2, 3 pigs!” and tell him/her that THREE and the number 3 is the same.

Another game parents can use is to draw 3 apples on the paper and write 1, 3 and 5 below.

Then, they let their child count how many apples and ask which number is THREE.

Let’s give your child opportunities to match numbers and actual numbers from time to time and encourage your child to deepen their number recognition.






[66. 数の教え方の3つのステップ その2・対応遊び]







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