SHICHIDA METHOD: 100 wisdoms how to develop your child‘s intellectual ability/七田式・本当の知力をつける100の知恵

[24. Basic Knowledge 1: Colours]

When teaching your child colours, these are the steps to follow.


STEP 1: Red, Blue, Yellow, and the difference of colours (the concepts of SAME and DIFFERENT)

STEP 2: Orange, Green, Pink, Light blue, Light green, Purple, Brown, White and Black

STEP 3: Olive, Maroon, Navy, Gold, Silver and etc.…


In the beginning, children need to learn Red, Yellow and Blue since these are the three primary colours.

However, keep in mind that parents should not ask your child “Which one is the RED APPLE?” just because your child have developed the understanding of the three primary colours.

As we mentioned before, children develop intellectually step by step. (Discriminating Ability →Corresponding Ability →Classifying Ability)

When being asked such a difficult question, even though your child has not reached the development level to understand such concept, your child may lose his/her confidence and feel uneasy to answer.

The same can be said when parents teach their child other basic concepts.



















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