SHICHIDA METHOD: 100 wisdoms how to develop your child‘s intellectual ability/七田式・本当の知力をつける100の知恵

[14. The 7 criteria to judge children’s academic ability]

Do you know the 7 standards for evaluating children’s academic ability?

Children’s academic ability used to be evaluated by scores in school exams.

However, it is said today that the 7 kinds of abilities below are standards for evaluation for children.

  1. Vocabularic ability
  2. Mathematical ability
  3. Athletic ability
  4. Art ability
  5. Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ): the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals
  6. Ability toward nature: the ability to take interests in nature such as flowers and universe, and to feel attached to Mother Nature
  7. Social ability: the ability to get along with others and to show leadership

It is also said that parents’ duty is to find out among these which abilities their child’s good at, and cultivate it.






  1. 文字の能力
  2. 数や数学の能力
  3. スポーツの能力
  4. 芸術の能力
  5. EQ(心の知能指数):自己や他者の感情を知覚したり自分の感情をコントロールする能力のこと
  6. 自然に対する能力:花や宇宙に興味を持ち、大自然に対して親しみを感じる能力のこと
  7. 対人的な能力:友達をたくさん作ったりリーダーシップをとって周りを引っ張っていける能力のこと





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