SHICHIDA METHOD: 100 wisdoms how to develop your child‘s intellectual ability/七田式・本当の知力をつける100の知恵

[10. Memorizing phone numbers is a good training for memory.]

What can parents do for children to boost their memory?

Parents should get your child to memorize phone numbers such as parents’ and grandparents’ cell phone.

Even though phone numbers are just random numbers and have no meaning, children can memorize them easily with their right brains.

Right brain holds unique memory, which is very different from left one. Children can memorize things at once and remember visually in their right brain.

In other words, with their unique memory, children can dial phone number even though he/she cannot say it aloud.

This is very useful in case your child gets lost.

Memorizing meaningless numbers like phone number is a very efficient training for the brain and develop your child’s memory.












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