SHICHIDA METHOD: 100 wisdoms how to develop your child‘s intellectual ability/七田式・本当の知力をつける100の知恵

[7. Communication between children and instructors helps bring good influence for your child.]

Why is it better to let your children take part in learning activities with teachers/instructors?

Firstly of course they can improve their learning skills and knowledge.

In addition, having interpersonal communication with instructors is a good influence for children.

For example, if parents don’t have enough time to give their child enough attention because of their busy works, instructors can help by being the ones that give positive attention to the child instead.

Another example is that there are some instructors who is tough on children that are misbehaving.

Great instructors teach children not only skills but also important things for life.

By having good communication with instructors who listen and encourage them, children will become more motivated to learn better.