Every kids are Amazing★Q&A


My child does not listen to what we( his parents) say.

Until recently I have been able to have my son do activities smoothly. However ,one day, he suddenly started to say ” I dont know!!” even about the things I think he does know He doesn’t even try to listen to me.

what should I do??







As children develop their ego, they want to do things as they wish, or they do not listen.

As a step of their growth, all children display this attitude. Don’t be too sensitive, and patienly observe your son’s growth.When he want to say the contrary words against everything, try to first say words opposite to what you thinking. Or don’t seriously accept what he says, and say to him


“Really??You don’t know. OK. Then I will do it instead!!!”


If you get through this period easily, he will go back to being an obedient, good child.

Please understand that rather than trying to have your child obey your instructions it is good to sympathize with your son’s feelings.

Also, if you do Five-Minute Suggestions, he will smoothly revert being an obedient child 😛