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How should I help my child learn to lend and borroow items from his friends??

I have a soncare, He shares his snack or toys with us( his parents) ,but he can never lend or share with his friends.


what should I do??


Toddler grabbing toy
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In this case, you should solve the problem by doing Five-Ninute Suggestions. As you caress his body gently, give him suggestion like

〇〇(his name) ,you  love your friends. You are so kind that you lend your toys to them. They say that they love you so much because you are kind”.

The problem will disappear.


When he shares his snack or toys with you, convey the joy of sharing by saying to him,


When we share things, they are more delicious aren’t they??”

When we play together , it is more fun, isn’t it??”


In this way, his good point will develop further, and lead to other positive effects.

After giving your son positive suggestions, focus on what he is able to do, and work with him to granually increase what his capable of.